It was clear that Mum was becoming “forgetful”.

It was clear that Mum was becoming “forgetful”.

Over dinner she would ask my sons the same question – again and again. Simple tasks were becoming an issue. We knew as a family we had to make plans.

We sought advice, spoke with peers, consulted books and put in place plans for our mothers short and long term needs. One of the best pieces of advice we received was to ask our mother to consider putting In place Enduring Power of Attorney. She agreed and it was arranged.

Setting up the EPA was not easy or cheap. It involved meetings with doctors and solicitors and a good deal of paperwork. It wasn’t invoked for many years but when it was it gave us a roadmap and allows us to follow our mothers wishes.

We were glad we had gotten the advice and planned ahead.

A lot has changed since our mother set up her EPA. In 2015 President Higgins signed the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act although as of now it still hasn’t been fully commenced by the Minister. You can read this document to understand how the act has changed matters to give more control to the individual concerned. Latest news on it is here.

If you think it is something that could help you (or a family member) discuss the matter with your family or a trusted friend and consult with a solicitor to put proper plans in place that will assist you in the future.

If you have experience of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act or a comment on this post we would be delighted to see it below.

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