One thought on “Feeling invisible?

  1. Really…..if your self-esteem depends on other people’s reaction to you, its time to give up! So the guy didn’t give them a second look – so what? If he had eyed them up – or, horror of horrors, whistled at them – they would probably have complained about that, too.
    When I hear white haired elderly women and men complain that they are “invisible” because they are by-passed at the checkout I am impatient about that, too……its more a case of rudeness, surely. But to claim that being “invisible”comes with age ….give me a break! If we didn’t put so much importance on “big” birthdays age would be irrelevant….as it should be. Its time to go back to ignoring age …ignoring birthdays. Then we will be totally free to act the way we want to. A couple of generations back people refused to talk about – or acknowledge – their ages. They were as young or old as they felt. My mother died at 100 – and even then she refused to admit it!

    Kate Nixon

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