If I knew at 40 what I now know, at twice that age, I would have taken up golf! And I would now have less difficulty filling in my spare time. In fact I could look forward to a challenging old...Read More

For the Birds

It is really hard to believe but we are already half way through the Garden Bird Survey season.  It starts at the beginning of December and runs to the end of February. Its one of these quiet hobbies is...Read More
A featured image on the Failter Isteach Programme - where olders teach English to migrants across Ireland

Volunteer to teach English

Fáilte Isteach is a community project  welcoming migrants through conversational English classes.   The project provides the necessary language skills to new migrants in a student-centred, welcoming and inclusive manner while involving predominantly older volunteers and recognising their skills, expertise...Read More

Loving their age

A big shout out to the people at Yoplait Ireland for their campaign #ILoveMyAge. How great is it to see real Irish olders giving us positive feedback on their age.


So the kids have left home.  Their bedrooms are empty ....or nearly empty. (They have said that you mustn't get rid of those college notes which are, apparently, “invaluable”.  And  the teenage “treasures” which you threatened to send to the...Read More
A poster for a post that examines how creativity has been shown to improve quality of life for olders.

Creativity – A cure?

The say laughter is the best medicine - well creativity is up there too! Recent reports (like this one) have shown that being creative can reduce doctors visits. Researchers discovered that people who engaged in artistic activities, such as painting,...Read More