Past it at 55

Today I listened to an interesting conversation on Newstalk FM. George Hook was discussing recruitment and those over 55 with Peter Cosgrove of CPL. The subject was sparked by Lucy Kellaway's article in the Financial Times. (It may be blocked...Read More

Self Service at the Library

My library has gone Self-Service, and I don’t know how I feel about it. Last week I snuck out with four books tucked under my arm, feeling like a thief. Yes, I had scanned them in.  But it still seems...Read More


If I knew at 40 what I now know, at twice that age, I would have taken up golf! And I would now have less difficulty filling in my spare time. In fact I could look forward to a challenging old...Read More

The Truth about Online Dating

I was once a matchmaker – I worked with an online dating website in Ireland for over a decade and believe me when you are that long in the dating game  you really get to meet and see all types!...Read More

Become Dancing Royalty

No matter what the health benefits dancing is always great fun. At a recent birthday celebration I attended all the birthday girl wanted to do was become a Dancing Queen and celebrate with her friends while ABBA tracks pumped out...Read More

For the Birds

It is really hard to believe but we are already half way through the Garden Bird Survey season.  It starts at the beginning of December and runs to the end of February. Its one of these quiet hobbies is...Read More

Feeling invisible?

Are you beginning to feel invisible. You are not alone. Check out these two taking a pop at themselves and society!
A featured image on the Failter Isteach Programme - where olders teach English to migrants across Ireland

Volunteer to teach English

Fáilte Isteach is a community project  welcoming migrants through conversational English classes.   The project provides the necessary language skills to new migrants in a student-centred, welcoming and inclusive manner while involving predominantly older volunteers and recognising their skills, expertise...Read More
Valerie blogs about her little black dress and how it has finally been removed from her wardrobe.

Wearing Black

I can’t wear Black as a fashion statement any more! I have finally, reluctantly, faced this fact. For 50 years it has been my “go-to” colour – or non-colour -  for every occasion.  It was what I wore to all...Read More