Walking with a stick.

I’m on the lookout for a walking stick .... a stylish, classy sort of stick. An elegant cane, maybe. Perhaps with an ivory top, or, better still, jewel encrusted. Something Maggie Smith might use in Downton Abbey. A fashion accessory!...Read More

Small Lifestyle Changes Make a Big Difference

When it comes to health small lifestyle changes can make a difference. Breakthrough Cancer Research want people across Ireland to commit to the one small change they can make to help lower their cancer risk. Their video highlights the eight...Read More

Become Dancing Royalty

No matter what the health benefits dancing is always great fun. At a recent birthday celebration I attended all the birthday girl wanted to do was become a Dancing Queen and celebrate with her friends while ABBA tracks pumped out...Read More

Loving their age

A big shout out to the people at Yoplait Ireland for their campaign #ILoveMyAge. How great is it to see real Irish olders giving us positive feedback on their age.