Making Memories

“The Business of life is the acquisition of memories” that is one of the numerous insightful statements that the Dowager Countess  character played by Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey came out with. I love the sentiment – it’s just so...Read More


So the kids have left home.  Their bedrooms are empty ....or nearly empty. (They have said that you mustn't get rid of those college notes which are, apparently, “invaluable”.  And  the teenage “treasures” which you threatened to send to the...Read More


Garlic.  You either love it or hate it. And for those who hate it food choices, either in a restaurant or in the deli/prepared food aisles of supermarkets, have dwindled to almost nothing.  Its a modern phenomenon ....well, fairly modern!...Read More

Smiling At Strangers

I got one of those Facebook shared links a couple of weeks ago . it was about smiling at strangers and how it can cheer them up and even prevent suicide! A bit over the top I thought but I...Read More
A poster for a post that examines how creativity has been shown to improve quality of life for olders.

Creativity – A cure?

The say laughter is the best medicine - well creativity is up there too! Recent reports (like this one) have shown that being creative can reduce doctors visits. Researchers discovered that people who engaged in artistic activities, such as painting,...Read More